The Upcycling Ads by Dentsu | Celebrating 121st Anniversary!

Dentsu DENTSU CREATIVE Social Impact Upcycling Ads


One Day for Change, a volunteering initiative to celebrate dentsu's 121st anniversary, is launched across dentsu's offices in 143 markets around the world. It brings together the power of every dentsu employee to be a good force in our markets and communities. With an aim to achieve Zero Waste in a Sustainable World, Dentsu Creative wants to inspire individuals' creativity and environmental protection practices in their daily lives.


This time, we invited dentsu employees in Shanghai to join the RAD Workshop. Teaming up with UseDem the denim upcycling brand and sustainability consultant, we upcycled used billboard materials into durable designer items. We hope to inspire dentsu people and more advertising practitioners to create upcycling ads value with the power and influence we have and to drive change beyond advertising.

“An eco-bag may be insignificant, but it reflects our motivation to reduce textile waste. We believe that 'Upcycling' itself is an effective solution to pollution." Just as UseDem depicted the waste and pollution issues that exist in the textile industry, so is the advertising industry. Billboards are a major advertising medium used globally but also produce tonnes of PVC waste every year that ends up in landfill sites or oceans, which damage the quality of our environment and endanger marine wildlife.


First measure the size of your laptop, allowing some margins, then cut it into two pieces of cloth.


Then, stitch the cloth with a ribbon embroidered with the dentsu logo.


Finally, a pin with some accessories and an eco-friendly handmade bag are done.


When it comes to eco-friendly products, people can hardly associate them with cool crafts, but with this durable designer bag that is unique and handmade, we just cannot wait to share and use it.


In addition to the RAD Workshop, One Day for Change also involved all dentsu staff across 5 offices in an internal Livestream auction. Our people donated some of their belongings that made them reminisce some sweet memories from travels or experiences. All money has been sent to non-profit organizations to plant trees in the desert and raise funds for families suffering from ALS. Noteworthy, every RAD bag auctioned is specially hand-stitched with care by Home Sweet Home, a nonprofit organization founded to help those with special needs and develop skills in their Shanghai apparel factory.

"2022 marks the 121st anniversary of dentsu, and also the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan relations, and the year we launched a new creative network, Dentsu Creative. We look forward to collaborating with all to unlock boundless creativity, diversify innovations, connect the two countries across the economy, cultural and social exchanges, and importantly, make a difference to people, communities, and society. One dentsu, one world." Keita Ishikawa, China CEO of Dentsu Creative, shared the message with all attendees through a video.



Dentsu Global’s newly released Social Impact Report 2021 highlights the incredible work of our 46,000 people – a global force applying our talent and creativity to actively build a world that is more sustainable and more inclusive.

  • We reduced Scope 1 and 2 absolute carbon emissions by 53% (from 2019 baseline), exceeding our 2030 science-based target nine years early.

  • We procured 100% renewable electricity globally.

  • We announced new gender targets to achieve 50% female participation in senior leadership, including the executive team, by 2025. Today 47% of our global executive team identify as female.

  • We reached over 500m people with global ‘Draw the Line’ campaign to end malaria and put malaria back on the policy agenda for the Commonwealth Summit 2022.


Dentsu is still growing with a commitment to evolving into a B2B2S (Business to Business to Society) company. It means dentsu is more than a partner for businesses and brands, but also strives to be a partner for society.