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Introducing Dentsu's 5-Power in Creating Health & Wellness


CHINA SEES HEALTH AS TOP PRIORITY: 60% of Chinese regard health as their top priority, the percentage is only 37% in the U.S. and 14% in Japan.

POST-PANDEMIC ERA: "Staying home" has accelerated the awakening of wellness consciousness and reshaped consumer demand. 

IT ACCELERATED THE GROWTH OF HEALTH IN WEB 3.0: Pocket-in-hospital becomes the new normal; The visitor count of one single doctor online APP has reached 1.11 billion times during the pandemic.

INCREASED AD INVESTMENT IN PHARMACEUTICALS: In 2022, Pharma Ads was among the Top 3 categories and its elevator LCD increased by 380% from January to July in 2022.

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Dentsu Health is a professional marketing team that committed to provide health and wellness marketing solutions, as well as brand building services for Dentsu's global clients. Seeking opportunities and development for health brands and markets in the new era, Dentsu conducted a comprehensive research and analysis about health population in 2022. Through a multi-dimensionally in-depth understanding, Dentsu proposed the model of 5-Power of Wellness to discover modern people's lifestyles and behavioral characteristics, and analysed the motivation and inspiration of modern people that can be reached by brands. 

Today, Dentsu released the "2022-2023 Discovery of China's Big Health Consumers: 5-Power in Creating Health and Wellness" white paper, which introduced "5-Power in Creating Health & Wellness" to interpret modern people's awakening of wellness in different archetypes and hence inspire brands to reach these groups of consumers. Analysis of the survey outcomes offers insights into the discrepancies among the wellness powers of different generations and populations.


The wellness power, a new-era health concept to pursue happiness, is a drive-force accumulating and aggregating inner powers from physical to emotional, financial, social and intellectual."

Keita Ishikawa, Chief Executive Officer of DENTSU CREATIVE in China, said, "Our discoveries go far beyond these, hopefully, we have more opportunities to collaborate with businesses and institutions from different sectors in the society, together improving the wellness power of Chinese customers."



Age 20 to 29: A generation of contradictions who switches between self-indulgence and self-discipline and looks for convenient approaches to wellness.

Age 30 to 39: A generation, particularly modern females aged 30 and above, who faces a turning point of their wellness with an active pursuit for both physical and mental health.

Age 40 to 49: A generation who walks into their golden age and has spare energy to take care of themselves.


01 Wellness Hunters (22%)

This population is inclined to worry about daily trivia and surroundings. Meanwhile, driven by inner anxiety, they pursue ultimate beauty and exquisite experience and are willing to devote time to learning frontier knowledge of wellness. The key to approaching them is to provide immersive sensory experiences and multi-dimensional technology experiences.

02 Wellness Curators (27%)
This population values their families' health and is willing to invest in wellness. High-end healthcare experience services are more likely to win their favorability.

03 Wellness Outsiders (10%)

This population often works under high pressure with a relatively higher standard of living and knowledge. They prefer effective, simple and fun approaches to wellness.

04 Wellness Anxious (22%)

While part of this population is in sub-health status, they have not voluntarily sought ways to address their emotional problems yet and show weak actions in acquiring relative information. Spaces to accommodate their emotions and counseling and therapies to treat their mental health are necessary.

05 Wellness Reluctant (19%)
This population shows inconsistencies between behaviors and awareness. They need a fun shortcut to wellness such as living-room exercises, meal replacements, portable probiotics and VR fitness experiences.

About Dentsu Health Survey: conducted from May 28, 2022, to June 10, 2022, targeted populations aged between 20 and 40 from nationwide first-tier cities and collected 4920 responses.


Tiffana Pun, Chief Strategy Officer of DENTSU CREATIVE in China, has officially introduced and interpreted the paper at China International Import Expo 2022 in Shanghai today. She said, "Mastering the new insights into the '5-Power of Wellness,' we unveil a brand-new marketing ecosystem with brands to establish a new landmark in applications in consumer needs, communication channels and scenario experiences."


01 Health Demand Continues Escalating

Pursing "Beauty and sensory experience" might be the higher pursuit of health and wellness.

02 Era of "Holistic Body and Mind Wellness" Has Arrived
The importance of healthy emotion and body equals, keeping sound in body and mind at the same time becomes new pursuit.

03 Sensory Hunters Are Emerging

Products should provide emotional value as well as sensory experience.

04 Health & Wellness Planning is A Family Thing

Elite group realize that planning for family is the key to long-term happiness.

05 Leverage Data and Digital Intelligence to Manage Health
With the increasing financial power, people are willing to leverage more data and tech tools to manage their wellbeing conditions.

06 Quick, Simple and Cost-Effective Solutions Are The Best Way to Impress Young People

Lack of financial and intellectual power, young people are looking for the short-cuts.

07 Effective But Fun
Pursuing health and wellness shouldn't sacrifice joy and fun in life.

08 Healing in Nature

Healing in the nature is the desired way of life.

09 30-39 Years Old as The Core Group of People to Grow
People aged in 30-39 have high consciousness in health and are more willing to pay.

10 Innovative Solutions in "Living Room Gym" and "Hand-Held Hospital" Will Grow
As more time in staying home, the living room become gym and APP hospital also become normal.

Britney Pai, Chief Growth Officer of DENTSU CREATIVE in China, said, "Consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward health and wellness have been significantly shifted after pandemic. Through the reseaches and findings in big health industry, we hope to identify the opportunities and to cocreate experiences together with the clients and partners."


Please tap the QR CODE in above picture to get "2022-2023 Discovery of China's Big Health Consumers: 5-Power in Creating Health and Wellness" or CLICK HERE to download a concise version of the white paper.

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