dentsu Z Awarded Innovation Team of the Year at CAMA 2022


At the 2022 China Advertising Marketing Awards (CAMA), dentsu Z has been awarded Innovation Team of the Year, an award recognising the agency’ in-house team or department with innovative expertise that has tackled and fulfilled clients’ needs as a trailblazer. 

800XAUTO2022-CAMA-Z copy.png

dentsu Z, the pioneering innovative force under DENTSU CREATIVE, showcased its matchable capabilities with its DNA in imbuing Gen Z insights and cutting-edge technology into strategic plans as well as its vision to create profound cultural experiences for next-gen consumers.

Since being selected and onboard from the dentsu Z camp in 2021, where the Zoomers met with each other and became closer as a team, the dentsu Z young talents, who are also Gen Z consumers themselves, have contributed direct perspectives and creative ideas for the winnings of at least 8+ large-scale pitches, including Asahi, KFC, PepsiCo’s Lay’s and Ferrero’s Kinder. 

Led directly by Chris Chen, Chief Creative Officer, China, DENTSU CREATIVE, these 100% slash youths are equally positioned, collaborating on pitches or new businesses through brainstorming and idea exchanges despite their different backgrounds from copy art to planning-based. Though 90% of dentsu Z members were fresh graduates, the team is growing rapidly to flex their muscles in empowering marketers to foster innovations across different interest communities, helping brands grow by knowing Gen Z consumers better and stimulating the vigorous consumption power of the Z era.


China Advertising, China’s first professional advertising periodical founded in 1981, established China Advertising Marketing Awards (CAMA) with a mission to drive Chinese brands’ sustainable development while spotlighting international brands’ localized innovations in the domestic market. The jury this year consisted of around 70 industry professionals coming from a diverse range of disciplines.