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Bisco, the biscuit brand for kids that has been selling well in Japan for more than 80 years, officially launched in the Chinese market in 2022. Faced with tens of billions of dollars of kid’s snack options, the brand cannot be distinguished by just being “delicious and best-selling”. Young parents prefer snacks that are both healthy and delicious. While we found that the probiotics added to Bisco products can fully meet the parents’ demand.

For Bisco’s first campaign in the market, we put forward “happy childhood with probiotic snack” as the core communication idea. With a focus on modern mothers with kids aged 3 to 6, we created a series of contents sharing the parents and kids moments while through games and experiences we deliver the message that Bisco products are added with probiotics.

How does a mother know if her kid is growing up healthy or not? 

Poop tells. 

So we translated and visualized the “poop language” to bring it to the mothers’ attention. By connecting all the touch points from awareness to purchase, we build Bisco’s brand image as “probiotic snack to help kids grow up healthy”.



In partnership with Qiaohu, a brand popular with children that is committed to early education, Bisco launched a limited gift box with an interactive game included. The parents and the kids can play together to complete the tasks and Q&A on gut health knowledge, through which the parents get inspired to know that probiotics added snack is good for their kids while it helps the kids to develop good life habits.



In addition, we also launched a WeChat mini program called "Poop Check Station." Based on the poop’s shape, color, and frequency, it helps the mothers to understand the importance of the healthy gut and diet to the kids and gives diet advice for the parents. 



We customized various campaigns for different platforms to introduce Bisco. On WeChat moment ads and Zhihu, we delivered the brand’s unique positioning as a snack that is good for gut health. While on social platforms such as Little Red Book and Weibo, we invited parenting influencers to share their own sweet stories with the kids, which brought the brand to the attention of more communities.

As a probiotic snack for kids, Bisco successfully made its debut in the China market. The brand impression reached 126% of the KPI, and the interaction was as high as 329% of the KPI. The Glico Tmall store’s new fans increased by 60%, and the sales conversion rate in the WeChat mini-mall is twice the average.