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As an eco-friendly national brand, Purcotton has been committed to the concept of using high-quality cotton while maintaining the pure characteristics of natural cotton fiber, to take care of the user's skin health and peace of mind. Given that Women’s Day is approaching, Purcotton announced their brand spokesperson, Ms. Jingjing Guo, an Olympic champion and former national diving athlete. On the special occasion when females' self-value is highlighted, how can the brand exemplify women's distinguished characteristics through the spokesperson and deliver the brand concept?

In this regard, the dentsuMB Shanghai team interviewed the brand chairman, Mr. Jianquan Li, and the spokesperson, Ms. Jingjing Guo, to understand their ideas, as well as a more profound study of the Purcotton brand concept. With a brand spokesperson featured, we created a TVC to deliver the core message of #Comfortable Life with Purcotton#.

What "comfortable" conveys is not only the literal physical comfort but also content in three dimensions that the brand delivers:

1.With the original insistence, we pursue the best of ourselves and reward ourselves with high quality, which enables us to live a comfortable life.

2.To give our children the best care, in addition to high-quality companionship, we must also know how to let go and leave each other a free and comfortable space, so that they can grow up comfortably and freely.

3.From our private space to the neighborhood, let love and care be delivered in every small environmental protection action every day so that every beautiful thing in the world can be vibrant and grow from generation to generation. Then all people can feel the comfort and ease given to us by the world.


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With these three dimensions as the core, we integrated the spokesperson's own experience with the brand's values into the #Comfortable Life with Purcotton# TVC. Guo tells the story of her personal role transition, the physical and mental education of her children, and her commitment to environmental protection. Guo’s gentle and relaxed attitude to life makes everyone know her way of getting along with themselves, their families, and the world, guarding every love and peace of mind.


As the "Chinese Queen of Diving", Guo has won 31 gold medals including the Olympic Games, while "persistence and breakthrough" have been her understanding of the spirit of sports. The spokesperson mentioned that she never felt she could "win" easily at any moment, but always told herself to always make more effort than others. Her success is inseparable from her day-to-day training and dedication, as well as her perseverance towards her dreams.

From the interview, we also learned that as a mother of three children, Guo attaches importance to parent-child companionship while she often plays, reads, and participates in environmental charity events with her children. In life, Guo exemplifies in person her love for her children but also knows how to let go. It is best not to set limits for the children but to let them go to do what they really like, and to keep a free and equal parent-child relationship with the children.

Since established 13 years ago, Purcotton brand has been committed to "making a better world" vision and bringing consumers comfortable and healthy life, and eco-friendly high-quality cotton products, which is similar to what Guo pursued to her dream and the family guardianship.

Starting with a simple but firm dream, we stand with Purcotton and Jingjing Guo to convey the infinite value and guardianship of every cotton to each family, and deliver a safe, happy, and sustainable living experience to all consumers, while raising awareness of environmental protection for the earth.


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