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Oita, a city located on Kyushu Island in southern Japan, has been one of the major centers for bamboo manufacture in Japan. There is a group of artisans who make a living from bamboo crafts. By studying the original characteristics of bamboo day after day for generations, the craftsmen transformed the bamboo into unique and fine traditional crafts through repeated experiments. This artisan spirit not only brings practical bamboo products to people's daily lives but also conveys an aesthetic way of life.


However, the pandemic impact on the dramatically decreasing number of tourists has put these traditional crafts in crisis. Meanwhile, in China, consumers are in increasing demand for quality products and tend to choose the brand with a better story behind it when faced with the same quality product.

To meet both supply and demand, the dentsuMB China team partnered with 47CLUB, which specializes in leveraging the resources of Japanese national newspapers to discover the best products across the country and owns a website for selling Japanese specialties. With 47CLUB's product resources in Japan, we connect products with consumers through an interesting brand "story" and multiple platforms.


First, by integrating the products from different Oita bamboo product manufacturers, we created one "Oita Bamboo Craft" brand with brand storytelling as well as a logo. Despite each bamboo business only having limited product lines, the "Oita Bamboo Craft" brand storytelling is as vibrant and resilient as bamboo, which delivers the traditional craftsmanship of bamboo art and interprets the merits and attractive values of the products.

Then, at the Oita Festival held in Oita, we officially launched the "Oita Bamboo Craft". From the original product shipment to the product exhibition and live streaming on the day, it attracted more craftsmen and businesses to join. In addition, some of the products were launched on eCommerce platforms that have driven sales.


With "zero" cost, the event got attention from some authoritative Japanese and Chinese media, including NNA from Japan and People's Daily Online from China. During the event live stream, the number of viewers was 15 times higher than usual. Taking this as a start, we expect to continue to collaborate with 47CLUB to create new business models to help more Japanese small and medium-sized businesses and brands debut in the Chinese market and bring more excellent and personalized products and services to Chinese consumers.

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