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Dentsu Group

Shanghai has been in strict pandemic control and lockdown since the end of March. As people can no longer do normal outdoor exercise while waiting for an unknown date to go out, people are getting tired and anxious both physically and mentally.

As an advertising practitioner, what can we do to help others?

To answer that question, a group of volunteers from Dentsu Group launched an initiative called #ShanghaiStayHomework on April 18, two weeks after the lockdown of the whole city.


Special “Homework”

Sharing Happiness with Your Family

As the name suggests, this is an invitation to people in quarantine. Unlike traditional homework, this "StayHomework" is not meant to encourage people to study but to help families have fun and spend quality time together exercising, dancing, or learning some beauty tips when outdoor activities are restricted.


#ShangHaiStayHomework CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO

With support from both Chinese and Japanese athletes, singers, dancers, chefs, and people from all walks of life, we have received more and more videos and content from these professionals, which inspire stay-at-home activities. Since the launch of #ShanghaiStayHomework, the videos have been widely shared on social platforms like WeChat Video Channel, Little Red Book, and even overseas social networks. Not only individuals, but also businesses and brands such as Shiseido China have joined the initiative. It’s increasingly being known and shared in wider groups and more platforms.

More than 800 families (around 3,000 people) have joined our WeChat group. This initiative, originally designed for 40,000 Japanese living in Shanghai, has attracted and welcomed more and more Chinese people to join since we added Chinese subtitles to the video.

Break Barriers

Connect & Engage with People Online

In addition to sharing videos, we also launched a series of online events. Since late April, we have invited athletes and coaches from various sports fields in Japan, such as former Olympic swimmers and former national rugby players. Dentsu volunteers have organized six online events to connect these professionals with residents in Shanghai. The athletes also answered many questions, some of which were from the kids: "What can I do every day if I cannot go out because of quarantine?”



So far, more than 1,700 people have participated in this online connect. As some of the participants got back to us with some positive feedback: “Even still in quarantine, I am now much more motivated,” and “Heart warmed again when reconnected with others,” it also makes us happy to create opportunities and joyful moments for people.


Keep Rolling!

This initiative will not end as long as our fight against the pandemic continues. As the project lead mentioned: "At dentsu, we are conscious of the role we play in society and our ability to deliver social impact at scale. While we hope to create happiness and value for society and more people by using our expertise in creativity and innovation and actively exploring technology practice, for instance, this time we fully utilized social media. That’s also one of our missions for sustainable development.”

 We are still looking for more inspiring “StayHomework” videos. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in this initiative. Let’s get through difficulties together and stay optimistic and happy!