Captain’s choice is... Lynk & Co 09!


October 20, 2021 marked the global launch of Lynk & Co 09, a new flagship SUV that brings more luxury taste to the Lynk & Co family. 

With the core idea of "drive to the next stylish era", dentsuMB China facilitated Lynk & Co to lead a new era of luxury SUV, providing global users with a brand-new travel experience empowered by digital intelligence.

Lynk & Co 09 have been the new signature automobiles made in China. It is a pilot product and the largest offering of Lynk & Co, carrying the brand mission of “Change Mobility Forever”, with the most advanced intelligence and technology. Against the impression that Lynk & Co is “trendy but not yet luxury”, we need to drive Lynk & Co 09 into the luxury market over 300,000 RMB and consolidate its market share as a new luxury model.

Create ownership identity and connection by user-centric product value proposition.

With so many choices of luxury cars selling over 300,000 yuan, why people should buy Lynk & Co 09? What unique user needs are there that we can meet? In fact, Lynk & Co 09 listened to these voices and real needs from the users standing with the brand, and took them into the incubation and design.

Users who have been connecting with Lynk & Co since 01 model launched five years ago, are now recognized as elite in their communities of both personal life and career. With excellent capabilities and influence, they are true leaders who dare to innovate and challenge the unknown. To create a stronger ownership identity and emotional connection with these potential users, Lynk & Co 09 empowers them with the name "Captain". The "Captain" is the one who pursues "the dream of a greater life" with their individualities in the fast-evolving trends.

Stepping into the next stage of life and career, the Captain requires higher standards in various car using scenarios for their family and work. However, when facing so many choices, they still feel very uncertain: the traditional luxury model lacks the trendy intelligent experience; the new energy model lacks the power for long travels; the traditional SUV obviously does not fit modern life well.

However, Lynk & Co 09 can meet all the Captain’s needs for either family trips, tours or business travels. It provides users with the best experience, better than any other luxury brands can offer; the intelligence empowered technology system is completive to any new brands, and for off-road traveling, it leads top joint venture brands. Given the above, we define Lynk & Co 09 as the "luxury intelligent flagship SUV".


Define the tone as a luxury brand at the world premiere.

At the world premiere on June 19, 2021, Lynk & Co 09 officially unveiled the brand positioning as a luxury intelligent flagship SUV, also announcing the first brand flagship model made of SPA structure. In the design and art press themed "Let's Co Captain" attended by users and guests and media, designers from both China and Europe shared their ambition and inspiration of Lynk & Co 09 through the perspective of deconstructionist progressive aesthetics. Through an immersive Captain experience onsite, Lynk & Co 09 resonated with the whole audience and inspired even broader communications, defining its tone as a high-end luxury brand.



Allow users to own their first luxury car that is co-created.

Lynk & Co represents a commitment to be connected and open ever since founded, while dentsuMB continues this open and cooperative spirit in Lynk & Co 09 together with our clients. With the "09 Club" exclusively created for Captain users, Lynk & Co 09 also launched a co-creation initiative "THE NEXT", to build a better travel lifestyle with users from four dimensions that is product, community, openness and ecosystem. We invited 18 “Smart Choice Officers” who are the intended users of Lynk & Co 09 to visit the brand’s global flagship factory. They communicated with engineers face-to-face and proposed personalized product configuration ideas for Lynk & Co 09. After a 2-month co-creation, the first Lynk & Co 09 production car was officially launched in September. On the first day of pre-sale, the brand received 6,597 orders through online reservation.


Drive to the next stylish era from global premiere.

On October 20, Lynk & Co celebrated the 5th anniversary and the global launch of Lynk & Co 09 in Shanghai. 

On the dazzling stage by the Huangpu River, Lynk & Co 09 made its grand debut and successfully started the journey!

Notably, to meet Captain users’ requirements and needs, we’ve worked with the clients and established the great accelerators of the flagship product, for instance, FYRA 4WD system, golden lever light hybrid technology, and migratory intelligent energy management system etc. All this innovative naming significantly saved the cost on how to make it easily understood and remembered by the users and also reconstructed and delivered the brand’s core of being a luxury SUV.

In addition, the theme TVC produced by the dentsuMB team became a big hit at the launch. With the core idea of "drive to the next stylish era", we created a story featuring three users who seamlessly drive between city and off-road, mountains and rivers, highlighting the ultimate product selling points and the core of brand.