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Tiffana Pun Richards joins Dentsu Creative as China CSO

7 days ago

Tiffana will play a leadership role in designing and developing solutions and service development strategies.

Cultural Shift: The Rise of “Cheesy” Culture|dentsu Z

11 days ago

Chinese youths’ rebelliousness against the “luxuriousness” of previously aspirational content and lifestyles online.

Dentsu Creative will be launching D-hub!

18 days ago

Dentsu Creative will be launching D-hub, a one-stop content production centre for brands to manage 365 days of content and communicate personally with millions.

Elvis Liu joins Dentsu Creative as China Chief Operation Officer

27 days ago

Elvis will play a critical role in driving operational excellence for Dentsu Creative.

Dentsu Creative Wins Annual Partnership with TCL Industrial

28 days ago

Dentsu Creative formulated an overall strategic plan for TCL Industrial brand revamping to achieve long-term ROI.

Introducing Dentsu Creative

1 months ago

A brand new global network harnessing the power of modern creativity to transform brands and businesses worldwide.

Designing a Global Creative Network for 2022 and Beyond

1 months ago

Join dentsu international’s Global CEO Wendy Clark and Global CCO Fred Levron with Contagious’ Paul Kemp-Robertson to discuss their bold vision for the future of creativity at dentsu and the wider industry.

Comfortable Life with Purcotton | Latest Work

2 months ago

Purcotton and their spokesperson deliver a safe, happy, and sustainable living experience to all consumers.

Unveil the Craft of Japan

2 months ago

dentsuMB partnered with 47CLUB, to introduce Oita Bamboo Craft brand and deliver the traditional craftsmanship.

Brands Who Fight for Good Win! | dentsu Z

2 months ago

Gen Z actively pursues brands that share this sense of social responsibility.

Join our Happy #StayHomework Challenge!

2 months ago

Volunteers from Dentsu Group encourage families in quarantine to take the challenge and enjoy #StayHomework.

Chris Chen Appointed as 2022 Cannes Creative Data Lions Jury

3 months ago

Chris Chen, Chief Creative Officer of Creative, dentsu China, has been appointed as Creative Data Lions jury

Keita Ishikawa in the Jury Line-up of Asia Pacific Effie Awards

3 months ago

A meaningful platform where the best campaigns are celebrated that can have a good impact on the industry and the people

SIENNA THEME PARK wins at Campaign’s Event Marketing Awards 2022 | Recognition

4 months ago

SIENNA THEME PARK created by dentsuMB China won two bronze awards in categories of Best Launch and Best Live Event

Introducing dentsu DX Diagnostics | Innovation

4 months ago

Dentsu Group launched DX Diagnostics to empower and accelerate the business’s consumer-centric digital transformation

dentsu PR consulting won Philips Domestic Appliances' PR mandate

6 months ago

Dentsu PR consulting has won the pitch for Philips Domestic Appliances’ annual PR mandate in China for 2022.

5572320 / Mashup Music Player

5 years ago

Winner of Silver Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Along with combining 4 different songs and a maximum of 15 combinations, this interactive music video player​ allows the user to interact directly with the scenery of the video clip.

Kibo Science 360 - A Space Experiment with Google

5 years ago

Winner of Grande Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. In order to cultivate children's interest in space, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Google develop a spacecraft scene virtual game together.


5 years ago

Winner of Bronze Mobile Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Glico has made a game called Glicode that gets kids coding by having them arrange actual cookies and snacks, then snapping a photo to translate them into digital commands.

DNA Glass

5 years ago

Winner of Gold Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. Based on analyzed the DNA inforamtion, Suntory customizes a special shape beer glass matching the taste and the drinking capacity of consumer using 3D print.

Ton-Ton Voice Sumo

5 years ago

Winner of Silver Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. We developed a fun method of rehabilitation "TON-TON VOICE SUMO" in cooperation with occupational therapists.

Mr. Sniff

5 years ago

Winner of Silver Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. We developed a breath-analyzing robot, Mr. Sniff, who helped break the social taboo in Japan of talking about breath quality and increase awareness of oral hygiene.

Heartland Forest

5 years ago

Winner of Bronze Interactive Lotus of ADFEST 2017. This campaign is created for the 30th anniversary of the Heartland Beer brand by Dentsu Inc. 300 beer bottles are designed into 300 bottles of light.

Smile Lock Outlet

5 years ago

Winner of Grande Innova Lotus of ADFEST 2017. "SMILE LOCK" is engineered to contribute to cultivating a society in which everyone is able to share electricity with full peace of mind.

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