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Shanghai Office Helps Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign for Shuijingfang

28 days ago

Shanghai Office created one gift to all consumers for Swellfun, inheriting 600 years of high-quality taste, and a warm heart on Mid-Autumn Festival, bringing out the beautiful meaning of lucky.

Whoo × Tmall Super Brand Day

1 months ago

Shanghai office assist Whoo to create a campaign, via Tmall super brand day, which refreshing the sale record of beauty makeup category. Invited two female stars from well-known TV show, which successfully helped Whoo to achieve excellent performance.

Shanghai Office Creates a New Campaign for Vitasoy

1 months ago

Shanghai office creates a new campaign for Vitasoy. Used micro-landscape for the KV and making a MV collaboration for this breakfast campaign with TikTok KOL.

Shanghai Office Create a Series of Campaign for Jahwa Corporation Giving

1 months ago

Shanghai office helped the sub-brand of Shanghai Jahwa Corporation, Giving, build up the new images. Innovating around the user values chain and covering the multiple tracks.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates an Integrated Campaign for Glico Pejoy

1 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped Glico Pocky launched two summer limited flavors: mint black chocolate and white peach mint Pocky, and created IMC Campaign for the new products.

Shanghai Office helps Nippon Paint build up the first “Tmall Super Brand Day”

2 months ago

As the long-term strategic communication partner of Nippon Paint, Shanghai Office has set up the feast of “Tmall Super Product Day” on this year, after the customized home improvement program of Dragon TV’s "Nippon Paint Dream home " and the partially decorated network variety show "Nippon Paint Made a New Home".

Pretz × Arena of Valor IMC Campaign

2 months ago

Recently, Shanghai Dentsu helped Pretz with ”Arena of Valor“ to create cooperative packaging, limited gift boxes and in-game event operations for ”Arena of Valor“. They also cooperated with the famous streamer Gu Ying for TVC. This IMC Campaign which effectively promoted Pretz sales and brand favorability to the audience.

AQUAIR × TMALL Club “The Happy Gift of Baptism from Antarctica” Campaign

2 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped AQUAIR × TMALL Club campaign. The campaign made all audiences go into a fabulous snowing world with the immersive experience. In addition, they invited several KOL for live sales. This campaign successfully increased the fame of AQUAIR, linking the online and offline together.

Shanghai Dentsu Helped LYNK & CO 06 Launch

3 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped LYNK & CO 06 launch, breaking inertial thinking, and put forward innovatively the functionalism design concept with urban oppositional aesthetics of 06, which brought its styling expression perfectly meet the actual demand of new generation of travel.

Shanghai Dentsu Helped Nezha U Launch

3 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped Nezha U launch. Chain stores as well as experience centers in six cities and an exposure on Asia's first Giant LED Screen have successfully spread Nezha’s brand concept and shown its wonderful vehicles.

Shanghai Dentsu Created TVC For Shiseido Za’s Brand-New Product Series Launch

3 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu created refreshing TVC for the launch of Sheiseido Za’s brand-new product series and sunscreen cream, which is its star product.

Shanghai Dentsu Created a New Campaign for Laurier

4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu has created a new campaign for Laurier. Three SNH48 idols invited as brand ambassadors formed a group called “Goodnight Girls Group” to endorse three night products of Laurier.

Shanghai Dentsu Created a Series of Posters for Vitasoy

4 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu created a series of posters for Vitasoy. These posters with hand-sketched drawings of various healthy food for breakfast highlighted the nutrition, deliciousness and health of Vitasoy products.

Shanghai Dentsu Helped LYNK & CO 05 Launch

5 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped the new coupe SUV, LYNK & CO 05 launch. Based on the core concept “excellent as usual”, the integrated marketing campaign provided consumers with a perfect journey brought by LYNK & CO 05.

Shanghai Dentsu Created "Our Cheering Diary" Campaign for Glico

5 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu created "Our Cheering Diary" 2020 encouragement campaign for Glico. Pocky and Pretz invited consumers to share their special stories during home confinement due to the COVID-19 outbreak to cheer for themselves and look forward to a bright future.

Shanghai Dentsu Helped SCISSOR SEVEN Figure Launch

6 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped BNTSH to launch SCISSOR SEVEN Figure, which presented the high quality of the new product authentically to build brand awareness and credibility.

Shanghai Dentsu Created a Campaign “My Pejoy Reward” for Glico

7 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu once again joined hands with Glico to create 2020 “My Pejoy Reward” campaign based on the new brand slogan of the best-selling product Pejoy, “savor the relaxing moment”.

Feature Stories: Fighting against the Epidemic

7 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu Helped Customers Give a voice in Fighting against the Epidemic. Shanghai Dentsu assisted customers in actively making a contribution to fighting against the epidemic, spreading love and warmth in society.

Ways for Brands Making Inroads in the Digital World

7 months ago

Review of Shanghai Dentsu’s excellent cases in the Social & Digital world: Shanghai Dentsu will never stop its exploration in the digital world, and it is looking forward to achieving better results in the future.

Shanghai Dentsu Helps New Year Product Launch for Annil

9 months ago

On January 13, 2020, Shanghai Dentsu helped Annil to set up a super-gorgeous "Interesting New Year Red" Paradise in Long Gang Vanke Mall, Shenzhen.

Shanghai Dentsu Makes Chinese New Year Marketing Campaign for Xiangpiaopiao

10 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helped Xiangpiaopiao build multi-channel content including TVC, KV, and offline materials. At the same time, started a wave of brand marketing campaigns with the spokesperson Wang Junkai.

Shanghai Dentsu Gave a Help to Launch for AIWAYS U5

10 months ago

On December 19, 2019, after several months of exploration and hard work, Shanghai Dentsu created a micro-film to help the Aiways U5 officially launch.

Shanghai Dentsu Creates New Product TVC in 2019 Winter for Giving

10 months ago

Starting from the theme of "more perception, bigger world", Shanghai Dentsu has created a new TVC for Giving new cream.

Master Kong Three New Products Campaign – the Third Episode

11 months ago

Shanghai Dentsu helps Master Kong to launch three instant noodles new products. The third one is the flavor of Pickled Chilli Beef Noodles.

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