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dentsumcgarrybowen China helped Nestlé launch New Year’s Campaign

20 days ago

Beijing Office helped Nestlé launch its New Year’s Campaign. The Campaign displays warm-hearted accompany during the pandemic by turning “Wish you a happy new year” into “Enjoy a happy new year together with you”.

Beijing Office helped Subaru exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

5 months ago

Beijing Office helped Subaru design and operate its exhibition at the 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition with the core concept of “The Earth Circulation”, conveying a positive lifestyle that Subaru has long been advocating.

Beijing Dentsu Helped Huawei Nova 7 and Luo Tianyi in Reaching Crossover Cooperation

9 months ago

Beijing Dentsu Helped Huawei and Luo Tianyi, a famous Chinese vocaloid, in reaching crossover cooperation during the launch of Huawei Nova 7 by making IP proposal, assisting in their business negotiation and forming partnership, ensuring the brand’s rights and smoothly executing IP creatives.

Feature Stories: Fighting against the Epidemic

1 years ago

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Beijing Dentsu joined hands with its customers hopefully to give a voice with love in fighting against the epidemic.

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